Wednesday 27 August 2008

Watercress, Houmous and Sun-Dried Tomatoes on Rye

This has become one of our favourite sandwich recipes, it's so delicious and very simple. The combination of spicy dijon, creamy houmous and sun dried tomatoes just go so well with the nutty bread and peppery watercress. It's very easy and really packable, great for lunches - just wrap it up!

Watercress, Houmous and Sun-Dried Tomatoes on Wholegrain Rye Bread: makes 1 sandwich

2 slices German wholegrain rye bread
5g dijon mustard
40g houmous
15g sundried tomatoes in oil, sliced
15g canned chick peas, drained, rinsed, skinned and sliced in half
10g watercress

Of course you can ignore the gram quantities here, they are mostly for me and my calorie counting ;-) Just make sure you are generous with the houmous/chickpea filling. Easiest way is just mix some halved chickpeas into houmous, spread one slice of the rye bread with dijon, top with the houmous/chickpea mixture, sprinkle the chopped sun dried tomatoes on top then top with watercress. Place the other slice of rye bread on top cut in half and enjoy!

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