Monday 22 March 2010

Sweet Ginger Tofu with Pak Choi and Jasmine Rice

Sweet Ginger Tofu with Pak Choi and Jasmine Rice
This was SO good! Recipe comes from Ching He-Huang on the BBC Good Food website, it was already vegan and I didn't have to make any changes. For that reason you'll have to click on the link there for the recipe. I love Ching, she always makes the most amazing looking food and love her show Ching's Kitchen - I could seriously watch that all day!! I'll be making this one again and again for lunch I'm sure, such nice flavour with the ginger and soy and a nice simple dish.

I thought I would get fancy and try pressing my rice in a mould as I've never done that before. It was dead easy, I just lightly greased a little pudding mould, pressed it in, waited a few minutes and it just popped out onto the plate like that. Oh, and don't think I just do that for photos or company - I'm having this for lunch today on my own and will definitely plate it up just like that!! I like my food to look good but feel free to dump all this together into one big bowl!! It will taste good all the same ;)

Recipe is here. (I cooked up 50g dry weight of Jasmine rice for one serving.)

Notes: I did make one small change - I halved the amount of red chilli flakes and found this to be a perfect amount. Nice heat but not overpowering. Also my sauce cooked down a little too much or too fast so I added a couple splashes more water to loosen it from the wok and get a bit more sauce. Otherwise I made no changes at all.

This dish is also a calcium powerhouse with the tofu and pak choi. If you use calcium set tofu, one serving gives you 487mg of calcium! I also had mine with a glass of calcium fortified orange juice and together that gave me 670mg of calcium - in just one meal!

Nutritional Analysis:
Calories: 418
Protein: 21.1g
Carbs: 51.5g
Sugars: 7.1g
Fibre: 1.9g
Fat: 14.5g
Saturated Fat: 2.4g
Calcium: 487mg
Sodium: 1030mg

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  1. Looks delish - much more appealing than my microwave reheated lunch today at work :)

  2. I'm still discovering oriental flavours, but I have to admit this dish wins me over.

  3. This looks amazing... I am definitely going to try this. I just started a vegan cooking blog to track all of my cooking adventures.. So I will link back to you once I have made this :D


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