Monday 26 July 2010

New Beginnings!!

Well, this will be my last post for awhile as we leave in 2 days now I will be without internet or a kitchen!! Didn't think I would get another post in but this beautiful and super yummy vegan carrot cake was made for us for a leaving party and I just had to blog it! It was made by who has a stall at Brick Lane Market and comes highly recommended, she makes simply beautiful and delicious cakes.....and vegan too, yay!! :-)

I probably won't get to blog for quite awhile as we are building our own house and the kitchen isn't even fitted yet, but will if I can! Thank you all for following and hope you continue to for the next stage :-)

Bye for now.....


  1. Goodluck for the move and all thats ahead Deb. How exciting building a house! Look forward to your return.


  2. Good luck! I became quite adept at microwave cooking when we were installing my kitchen :)

  3. Thanks Steven! I will have my in-laws kitchen for a couple months, although, not sure how much creating and blogging I could do there ;-) It will be interesting for awhile for sure...!

  4. As soon as you get the internet let me know where abouts you are in Ireland! Hope all goes well with the house and that you like it over here!


  5. Thanks! Have a day left of internet...I know I'll love it over there, always do when we visit, really can't wait to get there!!! We are moving to Cork, just outside the city out in the county - peace and quiet!! Yay!! :-)

  6. Good like Debbie! I feel you :) How exciting! Ireland!

  7. Good luck! What a fun adventure! I'll still be here whenever you are ready to come back :)

    Stephanie (ex-purplelicious)

  8. Thanks Carissa and Stephanie!! Very excited now :-)

  9. I think I may have missed the internet cut-off point, but wishing you both the best of luck!!

    Has been a blast, and will continue to be - only in smaller portions ;)

    Can't wait to see what creations come forth from the new kitchen Debbie! Will no doubt be pure genius.

    As my mamma used to say, catch you on the flippidy fling flop, rock n' roll....

    or something like that.

  10. Deb,
    Heart warm wishes being sent your way as you settle into your new home.

    Ihear Cork is beautiful. I'd love to go there someday, i understand Denis Cotters Paradiso cafe is not far from there.

    Look forward to your return.

  11. Thanks so much Mangocheeks! Sorry for the late reply here...I can post comments easily enough via my son's ipod touch but posting comments requires a computer and I don't get on very often these days :-)

    Cork is indeed beautiful!! I'm loving it here, Cafe Paradiso is in Cork city, looks really nice but is unfortunately pretty heavy on the cheese...I might see what they can do for us ;-) The Quay Co-op is fantastic though!!

    Still working on the house, a way to go yet but I have finally decided on the kitchen and it should be installed in a few weeks - exciting!!

    Hope to be back soon....

  12. Hey, if I am ever in Cork I'll be gettign in touch as Denis Cotters restaurant is one place I would love to venture.

    Hope your settling in well into your new home and surroundings.

  13. So funny, mangocheeks your comment came at almost the exact same time as an e-mail from Denis Cotter!! I had asked about what they had vegan or if anything could be adapted, he said they always have one vegan option starter and main and that many others could be adapted and that the waiting staff are very knowledgeable on the subject. Sounds great to me!! We ate there years ago when we were vegetarian and loved it. Really hope you can make it over some day and do get in touch - we have 2 guest rooms!! (although it looks like they may take months to finish :-)

    Still loving it over here, house is coming along slooowly...but we are getting there, think we'll be in early October as a guess.

    Can't wait! :-) Hope you are well♥

  14. Wow! Such a wonderful vegan food blog.

    Thank you so much for sharing cruel-free recipes.

  15. Early October eh? :)

    Look forward to seeing your posts / tweets again.

  16. Lol - I know, I know!! These darn house builds always take longer than planned ;-) We have however been living in our house now for a few days. I've been testing out my kitchen and absolutely love it!!! I even brought out the camera and tripod yesterday and took a few pics....Now, just to get the computer set up and I can start blogging again :-) Not sure about twitter though, seem to have completely lost interest in that :-( Hope all is well in the vegan blog world!!


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