About Me

Taken on my 40th birthday recently :-)

♥ Hi! I’m Debbie, a 41 year old mother, wife, vegan and food blogger who is trying to live with lupus. Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, I moved to London, England in 1998, got married to Kieran in 2000, had my boy Finn in 2002, was diagnosed with lupus in 2006, and then in July 2010 we all moved to Cork, Ireland, where my husband is from where we have built a house out in the country....and are loving it!

♥ I have always loved food, cooking and baking. It started with baking with my mom as a child, the usual cookies, bars, pies and cakes and carried on into my teens and adult years. Once I moved out I got more and more into cooking, learning and experimenting along the way. To pay my way through college I got a job at a really nice cafe in my hometown in British Columbia. I started dishwashing, then waitressing then got to know the head chef really well and started in the kitchen, doing prep and working along side her during the busy lunch shift. After a couple years doing this during my summer holidays she asked my to be her 'right hand help' as she started teaching cooking lessons in her home. I learned so much during my time in the cafe and working with her. While I have no formal training, working closely with a classically French trained chef has been a huge benefit. But, of course, I am always experimenting, and always learning.

♥ I started blogging in 2006 with my vegetarian blog having been vegetarian for 13 years. We became vegan in 2008, for the same ethical reasons that brought us to be vegetarian, and haven’t looked back – best decision we ever made! I enjoyed my foray into vegan cooking and baking so much I decided to start up a new blog here.  I have over 300 recipes here so far, you’ll find a bit of everything – sweet, savoury, healthy, not healthy (!) but all vegan, welcome!