Saturday 15 August 2009

Quick and Easy Vegan Fudgsicle

vegan fudgsicle
This was just an idea I wanted to test out. I do miss fudgsicles, which you can't even buy here vegan or not. British readers might not know what I'm on about but they are basically a rich chocolate ice cream on a stick, but not ice cream, more fudge like.... Anyway, I got wondering if Alpro's dark chocolate soya pudding (my fav) would freeze well and it does! This wasn't exactly like fudgsicles but was a nice cool chocolaty treat - perfect in the heat. Oh and dead easy, just spoon the pudding into popsicle moulds and freeze :)


  1. Wow, thanks for this! I love Alpro puddings and it is so hot here right now.

  2. Genius!!

    Everything looks amazing, as always :)

  3. Hi Debbie, just wandered over to check you out after such a rave review from Mangocheeks. I have an alpro soya desert leftover in the fridge from a camping trip with a lactose intolerant friendthis week. I was wondering what to do with it!
    I'll definitely be checking back to see what else you're making


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