Friday 14 August 2009

Mushroom Sesame Fried Rice

mushroom fried rice
Just a very simple, albeit yummy, mushroom fried rice recipe I made up to use up some mushrooms I had. Of course if you have shiitake's or other more exotic mushrooms go ahead and use them - I was limited to what I had in the house before a big shop! Also, I know the 'rule' in fried rice is to use leftover rice but I never understand that, it always turns out just fine for me cooking it up fresh for a dish and is much easier for planning reasons :)

Serves 1:
75g Thai rice (dry weight)
1/2 Tbsp peanut oil
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1/2 onion, diced
80g mushrooms, diced
1 spring onion, finely chopped
40g frozen petite pois
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1/4 tsp toasted sesame oil
1 - 2 tsp lightly toasted sesame seeds

Rinse the rice under cold water and tip into a pot of boiling salted water. Stir, reduce to a simmer and cook with the lid on for 12 minutes. Meanwhile, toast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan until just lightly golden. Remove and set aside. Heat the peanut oil in a wok until almost smoking. Add the onion, garlic and mushrooms, reduce heat slightly and cook stirring often until the onions are soft and the mushrooms have released liquid and reabsorbed. Stir in the peas for a few minutes.

By now the rice should be done so drain it well and add to the wok. Stir and add the soy sauce and spring onion. When heated through and a bit drier stir in the sesame oil and some of the seeds. Give it a quick stir then serve sprinkling more seeds on top.

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