Wednesday 9 December 2009

Vegan Egg Nog - Soy Free

Vegan Soy Free Egg Nog.

I must confess this recipe will have a rather specific target audience. I wasn't after 'traditional' egg nog which is served warm and is an alcoholic drink. I wanted to recreate the egg nog you can buy in North America this time of year in milk cartons which have no alcohol and you drink cold, or at least can drink cold. I had so much of that stuff growing up and haven't had it for years!

While searching for vegan egg nog I soon realized that lucky North Americans can buy cartons of soy egg nog - so lucky!! But, as I am temporarily off the soy anyway decided to try my own. I really loved this, it reminded me so much of the stuff I used to drink by the carton and brought back many happy memories. So if you are vegan, live where you can't buy the cartons of vegan egg nog, miss the non-alcoholic cold egg nog and are also off the soy - here you go! :)

Vegan Soy Free Egg Nog
Serves 1

50ml coconut milk, light or full fat.
50ml rice milk
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1/16 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp rum extract
good grating of fresh nutmeg

Measure everything into a pyrex measuring cup and give it a good whisk. Serve cold, I like mine over ice.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! I LOVE this stuff! I grew up with it too, as I am from Montreal. I now live in Alberta and it's avaiable here too, but I'm in transition to go vegetarian and really prefer vegan options if I can. The egg nog in milk cartons, even when I used to eat tons of meat products, always made me sick to my stomac since it's so rich. I havent had any in a few years and miss it SO much. Can't wait to try this! If it's ok with you, I'd like to share the recipe and your link on my blog. It seems to awesome (and easy)not to share!

  2. That sounds so yummy! I've never had egg nog because before I was vegan the sound of drinking eggs was just blugh.... and now it's blugh for other reasons.

  3. Thanks for the comments Stephanie and Caroline! Yeah, I think all us Canadians had copious amounts of this stuff growing up!! I grew up on the west coast but lived in Montreal for a couple of years - good ol' Quebon :) Hope you like it, if you are not off soy I'm sure the coconut milk could be replaced with soy cream or oat cream...I just like the taste of coconut milk in this and always seem to have a can open ;) You're more than welcome to share the recipe, I only ask for a link back and credit - thanks so much!!! Now if I could just veganize the Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.... ;)

  4. Oh yeah! What a great recipe! As you know, I also live in London, and miss this Christmas drink so much so want to make some home made this year also. As you also know I'm not a vegan but this drink doesn't need to be just for vegans, the ingredients sounds like a delicious combination no matter what! :))

  5. Sounds awesome! I'm currently working on an unpcoming eggnog blogpost myself-tis the season! I love your addition of coconut milk-yum. And congrats on being a drweil intern..what a fun gig!

  6. Thanks Sarah and Kathy! Yes, one doesn't have to be vegan or off soy to enjoy this, I love it as is :) Kathy, thanks for the nice comment :) Alas it is the lovely Nora who was Dr Weil's intern not me :( But you're right it does sound like a fun gig!! (Wish it was me!!) Look forward to your eggnog post - yummy!!

  7. I also grew up on the carton stuff. I don't drink it now because it's so full of crappy ingredients. I am vegetarian, not vegan, and I don't use soy, so this is awesome! Thankyou so much for sharing this!!!

  8. Thank you for this recipe! I used to buy the southern comfort vanilla spice eggnog in the store and drink it cold but i'm lactose intolerant and got tired of being sick from dairy. I do live where the soy nog is available but i'm also soy intolerant! one question though... when you say coconut milk, are you talking about the kind that comes in a can, or the coconut milk beverage that is shelved with all the other dairy alternatives?

  9. Hi Ashley! Thanks for the comment :-) I used the canned reduced fat or 'lite' coconut milk for this as that's all you could buy here then. It worked well combined with the rice milk, creamy but not too thick. I'm sure you could use the carton stuff, which is new to me here, but it might not be as creamy. Hope you like it!

  10. Yay! I live in Mexico now and was bemoaning the lack of Soy Nog-- thank you!

  11. Thank you! Yours looks yummy. I did an egg nog test this year, 3 kinds. I bought the Holly Nog, it was watery. It was like Soy milk with cinnamon and nutmeg added, it was ok but lacking rick thick creaminess. The other 2 I made from recipes off line, first one used vegan instant pudding to thicken but the it was very hard to find. I think I got the last one in town. It was yummy, much better then the store bought. The other was easier to make by putting everything in the blender and was most like yours. It had a banana and none-dairy heavy cream (whipping cream), super yummy but very thick. I hope this helps and may give your readers an idea of how to make yours the thickness they like. As well as making you feel better about missing out on the store stuff. :-) Happy Holidays all.

  12. Thanks for the great recipe! I can't have gluten, dairy, egg, soy, and coconut, so I subbed both milks for almond and used an unscroogelike pour of actual rum. My family loved it, even the ones who are able to drink regular nog! Thanks for helping us start a great new family tradition!

    1. That's great! So glad you all liked it and thanks for the comment :-)


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