Wednesday 8 April 2009

Easter Cookies

vegan Easter cookies♥ aka - keeping the boy busy during half term! ♥
Easter cookies
So as I have the boy home for 2 weeks decided to make some Easter cookies. Nothing new here, it's the same recipe as my Christmas Cookies but cut out using Easter/Spring shapes and colours. We spent the day before making paper easter eggs (as we never have real eggs in the house!) which he really enjoyed and loved this even more, possibly as he got to eat treats whilst decorating :) I loved his idea of using sliced strawberry lances for buttons - clever boy he is!


  1. those are so pretty! I love the colours!

  2. Wow, its my first visit to your blog and I am so pleased I found you by chance. I can't wait to tell my vegan readers about you.

    I am on a similar road as you. I am a vegetarian, but there may be a time when I may become a vegan, but at present am taking it slowly.

    I have one question, what vegan food colourings did you use for these cookies.

  3. Hi mangocheeks! Thanks so much for the comment and passing my info on, it's great to get out there more! I love your blog too by the way, so jealous you can grow your own veg:)

    For the food colourings I just used supercook/dr. oetker. All the colours I used were labelled as 'suitable for vegetarians' and further the ingredients were all vegan friendly.
    They aren't healthy by any stretch of the imagination but a little now and again.... :)

  4. Thank you Debbie. I have seen the food colourings in the shops.

    Once again, I genuinely think this is a lovely vegan food blog and more people should know about it. So I have just plugged your blog on my site.

    I am hoping you will get more traffic via my site, with special visits by three of my vegan readers, namely Kella, Huntingforcraft and Roses r red.

    Warmest of wishes


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