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 Banana French Toast & Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins from Vegan brunch


  1. ... so funny...I just came across your blog this Easter weekend (having seen your "processed cheese" recipe on a pinterest site)...and it's so strange because all my favourite blogs seem to be written by fellow Canucks!! I was reading one of your recipes and couldn't understand where you were from - you sounded North American but were using words like 'bin'...ahahah.... checked your "about me" and it all became clear...I too am from the west coast (the island...first Duncan/Maple Bay and later Victoria)...I left Canada in the late 80s and, like you, made my way to London (where I met my Italian hubby)....son born in early 90s and we moved to Wells, then later Bath and then even later Italy (happily based here in northern Italy since 2001) and the cracker in all this is that aforementioned son (now 20) is, as I type, in Cork visiting his (Italian) girlfriend - who is living and working there....howzat???!!!! (He says there is a great vegan restaurant in Cork!) I feel a real affinity with you!!!...I have only just glimpsed through your site - busy weekend entertaining an old childhood friend from Victoria who is based in Florence!!!...what a world....I look forward to having more time to delve into your recipes....happened to see the "nuts and bolts"....ai ya!!! memories of childhood - and yes, Christmas, come flooding back...not to mention the vegan grilled cheese...so much to read and cook...a fabulous blog - I can hardly wait to work my way through your recipes. Thank you!!!! xoxox

  2. Wow!! That is incredible :-D I'm originally from Powell River, lived in Victoria for a couple years too for college etc.. How funny your son is in Cork right now, it's actually quite a good place to be vegan! Lot's of places to eat and I find restaurants tend to be quite accommodating, which is always nice. Glad you like the blog and hope you find some recipes you like. I do have quite a few old Canadian childhood favourites veganized on here, memories and all that, lol!! Take care :-)

  3. You are absolutely amazing!


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