Wednesday 5 June 2013

Dark Chocolate filled Raspberries

Dark Chocolate filled Raspberries

Just an idea for you today rather than a recipe - these are absolutely delicious, super easy and really quite a healthy sweet!

I saw the idea of filling strawberries with chocolate on Pinterest and as someone who has always loved chocolate covered strawberries I thought this would make an even easier way too eat them. You pare out a hole from the strawberry and fill with dark chocolate. 

Dark Chocolate filled Strawberries

It was good but was a bit fiddly with all the paring out, plus my strawberries were too big to eat in one bite which meant they were just as messy to eat as the chocolate covered type, you know, with chocolate crumbling everywhere!

Enter raspberries - bite sized and no paring necessary! Perfect. I've always loved dark chocolate and raspberry together so this was an easy match.

Dark Chocolate filled Raspberries -

Simply melt some dark vegan chocolate of your choice, I used the microwave to melt and used 50g of chopped chocolate but only used about 20g. Scrape it all into a ziplock baggy, placing this in a mug or glass makes it easier, then snip off the tiniest of corner of the bag. 

To make them easy to fill I placed my raspberries in an empty ice cube tray - 2 fit upright in each cube hole. Then simply pipe the chocolate in. When done place in the fridge to set - mine were set in about an hour.

They work out at about 5 calories each - nice :-)


  1. So perfect and completely genius!

  2. This is an awesome idea. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the comments! :-)

  4. Such a clever idea! A quick and healthy snack to enjoy ever day! =)

  5. Amazing idea! After seeing this I wanted to take to a party so I made a bigger batch using a mini muffin pan. 3-4 raspberries fit in each of the 24 cups. I also used a dab of coconut oil with the melting chocolate so it wouldn't harden as much and used a squeeze bottle to fill them up. They were a huge hit! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Excellent! Glad they were a hit!! Great idea with the muffin tin to make even more too :-)

  6. This is a fantastic idea!

    Before I went vegan, I made raspberries stuffed with white chocolate chips. I had never even a fan of white chocolate (it's not even REAL chocolate). What was I thinking?!

    Anyway, this looks way better than what I had made before. Thanks!


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