Monday 25 January 2010

Peanut Butter "Mousse"

vegan peanut butter mousseOMG! This was so absolutely amazing!! I do however apologize for the terrible photo, I only had a few minutes of natural light left and knew these wouldn't last until the next light of day ;) I had some soya whipping cream left from the white chocolate mousse post below and for some reason had peanut butter in mind. I just whipped it up with some creamy PB, icing sugar and some vanilla extract and it turned out sublime. If you love Reece peanut butter cups or like me love VCTOTW's peanut butter frosting, you will love this. The texture isn't really moussy though, not like my previous mousse posts, it's really more of a pudding, in the North American sense, than a mousse, but so, so good! *EDIT - actually when I made this again and made enough to sit in the fridge for over a day it did set up more mousse like! So if you can resist them and wait 24 hours - do!

I loved it just served in a fancy bowl, or glass like that but am thinking it would be gorgeous pipped into those dark chocolate mini 'bowls' you can buy (I think some are vegan), as obviously dark chocolate and peanut butter is a match made in heaven ;) I was hoping it would make a great pie filling but unfortunately I think it's too floppy for that.

*Edit* Found some vegan dark chocolate cups at Sainsburys and the mousse is fantastic in these!! Looks cute too ;)

Serves 3 - 4 (5 if using the chocolate cups)
150g soya whipping cream from a carton
75g super smooth peanut butter**
1/4 cup icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Chill the whipping cream then add the icing sugar and whip it up well. Whisk in the peanut butter and vanilla then spoon into serving bowls and chill for a few hours.

**a note on the peanut butter, I used sun-pat super smooth in this. I wouldn't recommend a 'natural' peanut butter unfortunately as you do need it to be sweet and really creamy, you don't want any graininess or separation. I know it's not the healthiest of PB's but this is a dessert after all ;)**


  1. Hmmmm. You see, we have some soyatoo in the fridge left over from last night's white chocolate mousse too ;)

    I reckon this would work well with melted chocolate added to the mix, possibly with white chocolate mousse (unflavoured) swirled in.

    This is giving me ideas :)

  2. Ooh, that sounds good too!! I was thinking of ways to add choc to this - think I'll search out some of those dark chocolate 'shot glasses' to pipe it into, or I was thinking something with brownies... Adding chocolate would make the texture more mousse like alright....lots of options with this one ;)

    I'll probably resort to just scooping it up with squares of dark choc and eating it that way as it's so good on it's own!!

  3. That looks like absolute silky heaven! What an AMAZING dessert. I wish we could find soy whipping cream here in Saudi Arabia because then I would be having this right now. Such a beautiful photo...

  4. Thanks Philippa and VV!

    Shame you can't get the soy whipping cream alright, wonder if silken tofu sweetened would work? LOVE your blog by the way! :):)

  5. Lordy lord that looks grand.

    Peanut butter has got to be theee greatest invention known to man. Surely.

  6. Cheers Steve! and yes, I concur!! :)

  7. these mousses you've put up look amazing! i want to lick the screen!

    Jenn, HelloVeggie.Org

  8. Thanks so much Naomi and Jennifer! :)

  9. looks and sounds absolutely yummy, pic isn`t bad at all. great job ;)

  10. Hi Debbie,

    You know that I admire your blog. So I couldn't resist including you. I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be great to learn a bit more about you, so I've tagged you for a favourite photo meme. No pressure or obligation to participate, though it would be lovely.


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