Friday 22 January 2010

White Chocolate Grand Marnier Mousse

Vegan White Chocolate Grand Marnier Mousse
This was so yummy!! It also ended what was quite possibly one of the nicest meals we've had - Ravioli filled with cashew chive cheese , homemade garlic bread , white merlot and then this for dessert! I should have waited and made all that for Valentine's day, but oh well, I'll just have to think up another menu for that!

I used the fantastic vegan white chocolate buttons that are out there now for this and followed my mousse recipe from my Chocolate Frangelico Mousse Tart it's also the filling in my Chocolate Mousse Dome Cake . I just swapped the dark chocolate for the white and decided on Grand Marnier for the liqueur. I love the Kahlua and Frangelico but wanted to keep the mousse as white as possible here and thought orange would be lovely flavour with white chocolate.

It turned out so well but was slightly heavier than the mousse made with dark chocolate, but not a problem! Will definitely make this one again :)

Serves 4:
150g white chocolate buttons (that's 6 bags)
150ml soya whipping cream, from a carton
1 1/2 Tbsp icing sugar
1 Tbsp Grand Marnier
-I also debated adding 1/2 tsp orange extract - I didn't in the end but it might be nice.

Chill the whipping cream then whip up with the icing sugar with a whisk until light and airy. Melt the white chocolate and let cool slightly. You want the cream and chocolate to be close in temperature or else the chocolate will seize up. Quickly add the chocolate, whisking all the while until smooth and creamy. Whisk in the Grand Marnier and extract (if using). Spoon into 4 serving dishes - it will be runny, don't worry - it sets up in the fridge. They should be ready in a few hours.

To make the orange garnishes, you are to use a zester to remove a large strip from an orange but I don't have one and just peeled around an orange then trimmed it and shaved off the white bits. Once you have a thin strip wrap it tightly around a chopstick or skewer, anything small and round, then remove - it will be curly now, I then just made a circle out of it and placed on top.


  1. Yum! Haven't gotten round to white chocolate mousse yet.

  2. What a simple delicious looking recipe! yum


  3. all i need is a date to make this for ;)

  4. Hi, can you tell me where do you find white chocolate buttons in London please?
    Looks yummy!!!

  5. Hi and thanks!! I get mine at Tesco - all large ones should stock them and I believe Sainsbury's now stock them too. They are these ones , and you find them in the 'free from' section. Hope you get some - they are lush!!

  6. Thank youuuu, I'll go today!!
    (I enjoy your blog ♥)

    Cherry zombie (I have also a vegan "French" blog, with a London section ;))


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