Sunday 28 March 2010

Easter Egg Cakelets

Happy Easter!!!

Sure! They look cute, and I can assure you they taste fantastic, but mark my words - I will NEVER make these again!!! Sigh....I had such good intentions: making my snowball cake pops into egg shapes, colouring melted vegan white chocolate in pretty pastel colours and coating them, then decorating the cakelets like traditional easter eggs. Sounded like a good idea and a great way for vegan kids to get into the fun of decorating easter eggs.

Well, here's what went wrong - as you can see in the picture they are not smooth at all!! Some came out ok but mostly they are lumpy and stringy looking. That's not the cake - they were nice and smooth but rather the chocolate went on like that. Now this did NOT happen with the snowball cake pops - they were very easy to make. I think it may have been that the cakes were well chilled from the fridge and the chocolate still warm from being melted. So when I tried to dip them the chocolate instantly started to set and I couldn't get a smooth finish. I also think the cake pops were easier to coat as they were on sticks. I had to dip these by hand and the thick sticky chocolate made it very hard to even get them out of the bowl! I started off coating them all in plain white chocolate then set about dipping them in coloured white chocolate.

Problem two. Some of the colours incorporated into the melted white chocolate just fine, others, caused the chocolate to instantly seize up rendering it unusable and had to be dumped. The yellow was the particular problem here - not only did it seize up but it was a 'natural' yellow colouring made from turmeric which made the chocolate taste absolutely disgusting!! You can see some yellow eggs there but they were made by me taking the seized up chocolate and warming it up in my hands then pressing it over the egg, just for the photo. Seriously.

Now those of you who read my blog regularly will guess that I am really a very patient cook. I have no problem taking a couple days to make french fancies or other such fiddly creations but even I had to admit defeat here! So I stopped after colouring them as faffing about decorating them just seemed pointless.

On the plus side, like I said, they tasted fantastic, as did the snowball cake pops and I finally got to try making these non-alcoholic. The recipe in the Canadian Living magazine said to replace the rum with apple juice to make non-alcoholic. I was quite sceptical about this as naturally those two things taste very different. I'm happy to report it works just fine - they tasted wonderful! Personally I did prefer the rum soaked cakes, especially with the coconut, but these were very good too.

Recipe is the exact same from my Snowball Cake Pops but made into egg shapes and not put on a stick. I also didn't coat them in coconut or anything and used apple juice instead of rum. Which, by the way, I accidentally had the rum listed at 180ml, it's supposed to be 80ml!!! Good god, I hope none of you tried to make them with that figure, those would be some very rummy cakes indeed!! (Or some of you had a good Christmas ;)

Nutritional Analysis: per 1 cakelet if you get 23 out of the recipe (approximate as I'm unsure exactly how much white chocolate I ended up using, having to dump so much)

Calories: 92
Carbs: 11.9g
Fat: 4.5g
Sat Fat: 1.7g
Protein: 0.9g
Fibre: 0.6g
Sugar: 3.8
Sodium: 48.2mg

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  1. Oh no, I hate when things like that happen! They particualy happen to me with sweets.
    The ones you snapped sure do look super cute though and the insides look delicious!


  2. Oh gosh! You are so creative it blows my mind!

  3. I think they look great & I love the colours! It's a shame when things don't work out but at least you gave it a go and the results were still good to eat! :)

  4. i'm sorry these were a battle but they do look gorgeous!

  5. Thanks so much for all the comments...I suppose they don't look TOO bad... perhaps I was a tad hard on them, poor little eggies!!! At least they fulfilled their purpose and tasted great as they are now all gone! :)

  6. They are adorable. But you sound like you are very much like me. You want perfection. Don't beat yourself up. They are awesome!

  7. Thanks Veg-in-Training! Yup, I'm like that alright!! :-) Think it was more that I was looking forward to decorating them and not getting that option. I said I wouldn't make these again but I think they deserve another shot!!

  8. They looks so good! Am I being slow, has your site changed? If so, it looks awesome! If not, I forgot how great it looks! :)

  9. Thanks Sarah! Yeah I changed the whole look of my blog not too long ago :) Glad you like it!!

  10. Despite your troubles, they look sweet and lovely to me :)

  11. I'll take your word when you say they were a pain to make... I won't try as I don't have that level of patience when it comes to those things. But I had to tell you, they look so cool!


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