Monday 5 October 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks so much to Truestarr for the "One Lovely Blog" nomination! Here are my nods:

Scottish Vegan Homemaker Love Penny's blog, lovely vegan food and just has such a warming and welcoming feel to it :)
Allotment to Kitchen Mangocheek's Vegetarian (but largely vegan too) blog is fantastic, frequent updating and just beautiful :)
Taste my Plate an omni blog I like and a fellow Canadian!

To get your award just copy the photo on my site here and paste onto your blog (if you want to!) and then pass the award to whoever you like! I decided to just give 3 otherwise this list would never end as I love all the blogs I follow, but felt one omni, one vegetarian and one vegan was the way to go :)

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