Monday 4 April 2011

Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Almond Feta

Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Almond Feta

Well, like I said in the post below, I hope you all like feta as it'll be featuring in quite a few upcoming posts! As soon as I tried that almond feta I couldn't wait to try it in recipes, particularly some of my old favourite vegetarian recipes. This is one of those - I've been making this for years but stopped when we became vegan as the feta really is essential in it. I'm so happy as the almond feta is a spot on perfect replacement. I mentioned that this cheese tastes just like feta to me, well, it tastes even more like feta when used in recipes than it does on it's own. I really truly could not tell the difference between this and when I used to make it with  "real" feta. So gleefully happy to have this back in my life!! :-D

Serves 2 as a main, 4 as a side dish. Double as need be.

Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Almond Feta: 
100g dry weight couscous (1/2 cup)
65g almond feta, crumbled
25g pine nuts (2 Tbsp)
1 large spring onion, finely chopped
100g drained red kidney beans from a tin (1/2 cup)
100g tomatoes, diced (1 medium - large tomato)
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp dried oregano or 1/2 Tbsp chopped fresh
1/8 tsp salt
black pepper

Cook couscous according to package directions then set aside to cool. Periodically fluff it with a fork to ensure the grains stay seperate and don't congeal into a mass. Meanwhile toast your pine nuts in a dry non stick frying pan till slightly golden then set aside to cool. When the couscous is cool, add it to a large bowl with the pine nuts, spring onion, kidney beans, almond feta and tomatoes and toss well. Put the olive oil in a small bowl and slowly whisk in the lemon juice until emulsified, add the salt, pepper and oregano and whisk. Scrape this over the salad with a rubber spatula and toss well. Chill. 

Nutritional Information: per 100g
Calories: 177
Fat: 9.7g
Sat Fat: 1g
Protein: 5.1g
Carbs: 18.1g
Fibre: 2.6g
Sugar: 1.2g
Sodium: 211mg

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  1. this looks so good. i'm going to try it tonite <3

  2. I have never heard or seen of Almond Fetta... it sounds divine! I love a good cous-cous salad.

  3. What a beautiful couscous! I love the combination :-)

  4. If you don't mind answering a question from someone who doesn't own a kitchen scale, approx. how much is 65 g of the feta in cups? About 1/2 c? I plan on making the almond feta and this salad soon...looks divine!

  5. Hi!I would say it's no more than 1/2 cup maybe more like 1/3 cup but I'm never too exact with it, if I'm short on the feta I'll add less, sometimes more... Just crumble it in until it looks (and tastes!)like a nice balance with everything else :-) Hope you like it, it's one of our favourites! ♥

  6. Sure it doesn't make much difference, but your recipe says nothing about when to add the feta.

  7. Thanks for the heads up! I've edited it now :-)


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