Tuesday 3 May 2011

Other Blogger's Recipes!

You know something I hardly ever do? Make other blogger's recipes. I read a lot of other blogs, gush at their creations, make mental notes to 'make that someday' - then never do. I have a feeling other food bloggers out there will relate to this as well. It's simply because as a food blogger I'm far too wrapped up in creating new recipes myself that I simply never find the time. In fact I love creating recipes so much that when I think of something new I purposely do not search on-line to see if it's been done or veganized before as that would take all the fun out of it for me!! :-D

However, for some reason that has changed recently, I've been jotting down other's recipes and discovering some outstanding gems in the process. I'm just going to blog a couple here that I've found, made and loved. I'm sure there will be more in the future but so far, these have become absolute standards in our house.

Easy Vegan Pad Thai by 'Radiant Health - Inner Wealth':

I've been following Tess Challis who runs this blog for as long as I've been on twitter. She tweeted it awhile back and man am I glad I checked out that link. What drew me to make it was the simplicity - every ingredient in the sauce is pretty much standard cupboard fare. She brilliantly swapped the tamarind with much more common ketchup! I can never find tamarind here but as someone with a 9 year old boy, I always have ketchup :-)

I cannot convey to you how amazingly delicious that sauce is, I'm not kidding here when I say I could drink the stuff! I made no changes to her recipe at all, made it as is. I did stir fry my beansprouts with the noodles and added some shredded Chinese cabbage, simply because I had some. Then topped with a few raw beansprouts, as I prefer most my sprouts cooked. Quick, easy and delicious, definitely on the regular dinner rotation!

15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta by 'Oh She Glows!':

I never even saw Angela's fantastic blog until I came across this post via PopSugar. How she managed to escape me for so long I'll never know but I am so glad I found her blog. We have made this dish so often now I've lost count, it us unbelievable good and easy. In fact I tend to make it for lunch it's so quick! I have made a few wee changes here though. 

First, I omit the olive oil. I have no doubt it makes this dish even creamier and more lush (if that's possible!) but as you all know I'm watching my calories and really, this is super creamy without it. Second, I used regular wheat linguini here as that's what I use, never have spelt in the house. Third, as you can see I added some halved cherry tomatoes which go so well with that sauce. 

Otherwise I follow her recipe for the sauce as is. Oh and one more thing, initially I wasn't bothering with hauling out the food processor, just giving the avocado a good 'ol mash. Then, I tried it with the food processor - wow - if you have one definitely haul it out for this recipe. It made the sauce mega creamy, almost 'whipped' like in texture - I'll never hand mash it again!


  1. Oh She Glows is one of my favourite blogs. I saw that recipe a while ago. I'll definitely have to make it now you've recommended it though!

  2. I am the same! There are so many awesome blogs out their and I rarely try their recipes. It's a shame. You picked out some really wonderful recipes.

  3. Ooh, that avocado pasta recipe looks good... I have a couple of recipes that call for half an avocado. Thank you for providing this singleton with a recipe to use up the leftovers!


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