Monday 15 August 2011

Burger Buns

Vegan Burger Buns

I do love my burgers and usually just go for store bought burger buns. However when you go to all the trouble to make your own burgers sometimes it is nice to go all the way and make the buns too. I've had great success with this recipe although I should let you know those are way too big! I got greedy and made 4 out of  a recipe that should have made 8 :-) That's the great thing about making your own though, you can make them any size you like, just like the burger patties themselves.

315g strong white bread flour, plus 20g more
15g or 1 Tbsp caster sugar
3/4 tsp salt
50g vegan margarine
1 sachet easy blend yeast, that's 7g
200ml dairy free milk, I used rice
cornflour, water and sesame seeds

In a saucepan add the milk, sugar and margarine, bring to heat until the butter and sugar melts, when the butter melts the sugar will have too. Transfer to a bowl and let cool to 45C, I used a cooking thermometer here, if you don't have one you want it to be quite warm but not hot. You should be able to leave your finger in it comfortably. In the bowl of your mixing machine or a regular large bowl mix the flour, salt and yeast. Stir in the lukewarm liquid and using the dough attachment on your mixer knead for 5 minutes. Alternatively, stir in the liquid then transfer to a flour dusted surface and knead for 10 minutes. With the machine running add the extra 20g flour if it seems sticky, same if you are doing it by hand. I use the machine and when the 5 min is up I like to still transfer it to a floured surface and give it a few kneads, just to shape it up and get a feel of it. It should be smooth and elastic now. Oil a large clean bowl, place the circle of dough in it, oil the surface and cover the bowl with cling film. Place in a warm place to double in size, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Mine took 1 1/2 but I do have a "dough proving" feature on my oven. God I love my oven. 

Take it out, give it a punch, knead a couple times then cut out how many shapes you like, the maximum amount of rolls you'll get out of this recipe is 8, any more and they will be mini buns! Knead each cut piece a few times and shape in to a ball, flatten slightly and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. When all done grease a sheet of cling film and place over the top, return to a warm place and preheat your oven to 200C

When the oven is ready take the sheet and remove the cling film. Now to make the sesame seeds stick I like to make a 'glue' out of cornflour and water, till it's fairly thick, brush it over the top and sprinkle the seeds on, give them a gentle press in as well. The ones you see in the photo here I didn't do this, I thought I would try a new method of just spraying the tops with cooking spray and sprinkling the seeds on. Doesn't work. ALL of those fell off! So next time I will stick to my regular cornflour glue method :-)

Now pop them in the oven and bake for 10 - 15 minutes. It will depend on what size you made the buns and your oven but they will have risen again and be golden. Remove and let cool. 

Nutritional Information: based on 8 rolls
Calories: 192
Protein: 5.6g
Fat: 4.5g
Sat Fat: 0.9g
Fibre: 2.1g
Calcium: 30.7g (depending on milk used)
Carbs: 32.4g
Sugar: 3.1g
Sodium: 284 mg

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