Monday 23 April 2012

Garlic Mushroom Pâté

Vegan Garlic Mushroom Pâté

Vegan Garlic Mushroom Pâté

Pâté is a funny one with me as whenever you think of it you think of meat and I've only ever eaten vegan pâté! I picked up Redwood Foods Mushroom Pâté awhile ago and I did really like it but something about foods like mushrooms and tofu which should always be really fresh sitting in a tube that you squeeze out slightly put me off :-/

So I decided to have a go making my own and am so glad I did. This turned out gorgeous! I don't know how pâté like the texture is to be fair, as I've never had "real" pâté, I suppose this more like a thick houmous, but who cares? It tastes amazing, really nice and garlicky but not overpowering and if you follow my food diary you'll know I just couldn't get enough of this stuff! I will be making this one again and again :-)

I loved it as a snack, simply spread on french bread with some grapes and wine in the evening but my husband also loved it as a sandwich spread. I would imagine it would be lovely in a warmed pitta with a soy burger and sautéed onions - yum!!

Vegan Garlic Mushroom Pâté

Garlic Mushroom Pâté: 

250g / 9oz mushrooms
4 large cloves garlic, pureed
30g / 2 Tbsp vegan butter (I used Pure Olive)
60ml / 1/4 cup white wine
110g / 4oz silken firm tofu
1/4 tsp salt
black pepper
1 Tbsp fresh parsley, chopped fine

My mushrooms were medium in size and I quartered them, if yours are larger you may want to chop them smaller or simply half if using button mushrooms.

Melt the butter in a large frying pan and add the mushrooms, stir, tossing in the butter on high heat for a couple of minutes. Add the salt and a few grinds of black pepper reduce the heat to medium. Fry until all the liquid which comes out evaporates and the mushrooms start to turn golden at spots and just start to stick to the pan. Reduce heat to low and add the garlic and stir just until mixed in well then quickly add the white wine to deglaze and to stop the garlic from burning. Fry until all the wine is absorbed/evaporated and turn off the heat.

Transfer this to a bowl and let cool. Once cool tip it all into a food processor and add the tofu. Process on high until well mixed and there are no longer any large pieces of mushroom. It will still be grainy in texture, you don't want a paste. Transfer to a serving dish and cover with cling film then pop it in the fridge to fully cool and set a little more.

Vegan Garlic Mushroom Pâté

Nutritional Information: per 100g

Calories: 129
Fat: 8.1g
Sat Fat: 1.6g
Protein: 6.1g
Carbs: 6.3g
Sugar: 1.6g
Fibre: 1g
Sodium: 269mg

Garlic Mushroom Sausage Rolls!

Well, I made the pate again and also had a strip of ready rolled puff pastry in the fridge and thought I would throw them together. These were so good! Although I should stress that with this batch of mushroom pate I made had less tofu than before, I only used about 70g, hence the darker colour and thicker texture which actually suits sausage rolls perfectly. It was accidental as I didn't realise I didn't have enough tofu until it was already made but a fantastic mistake! So if you are making the pate especially for sausage rolls, reduce the tofu to around 70g, then simply spoon some into ready rolled puff pastry, roll it up and pinch the edges sealed with a bit of water.

...........and bake in a 220C oven for about 15 minutes or until golden and puffy :-)

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  1. I still have never tried any mushroom based pâtés, but I have no idea why as I know I’d love it! I used to really love pâté when I was a kid, my sister told me what it was one time and after calling her a liar, I realized it was true and that was the end of pâté. I’ll have to finally give it a try. It looks like it would make one hell of a tasty sandwich base.

  2. Ha! Yeah, real pate is a bit gruesome isn't it?? My husband loved this as a sandwich base but I never got around to trying it that way myself.

    (probably too busy stuffing it into pastry!)

  3. I am a vegan too and my mum reads your blog and so d I it's great !! I love this mushroom pate it'd lovely !

  4. Thanks so much for your comment, so glad you and your mom like my blog!!

  5. In your ingredients, did you use pure Olive Oil or Olive Butter...or is there such a thing as Olive Butter?

    1. Hi Lili! "Pure Olive" is the brand name of a vegan butter made with olive oil instead of the usual sunflower oil, but any vegan butter will work here... as would olive oil, but I feel vegan butter gives a better flavour with the mushrooms.


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